Advanced – Deposit & Partial Payments for WooCommerce

Advanced – Deposit & Partial Payments for WooCommerce is one the best idea for boosting sales, especially big value price items, and customers like to pay using installments or down payments. Advanced – Deposit & Partial payment Plugin is the best solution for this case. You can easily add a deposit to confirm the order in the Woocommerce shop. Users can pay the rest of the amount from my account page any time with any payment gateway later. Advanced – Deposit & Partial Payment for WooCommerce will enable the WooCommerce system to accept a certain part of it for various reasons. It could be because the payment is big, the seller can enable payment based on percentage, based on a fixed value, or any payment term. We have a special feature that is never introduced with any seller for example customers can pay any amount of order to confirm the booking as partial payment. the seller can set up a minimum amount to pay. even the seller can enable to pay any amount on the checkout page to confirm the booking.